November 29, 2022

A brand new examine printed in Medical Kidney Journal has proposed that Bruce Lees dying was attributable to the martial arts legend’s “excessive power fluid consumption,” or just, his tendency to drink an excessive amount of water.

The paper, written by a bunch of kidney docs from the Autonomous College of Madrid, means that the cerebral oedema that led to the 32-year previous actor’s sudden passing on July twentieth, 1973 was doubtless as a result of hyponatraemia, or “the lack to excrete sufficient water to keep up water homeostasis.” Lee would have been believable candidate for the situation because the authors listed a number of danger elements together with his liquid-heavy weight loss program of juices, an elevated consumption of alcohol and marijuana, and prior kidney dysfunction because of damage.

Bruce Lee’s official explanation for dying was decided to be a hypersensitivity to Equagesic, a painkiller that he consumed at a buddy’s home in Hong Kong after experiencing a headache and dizziness. The report famous that Lee had beforehand used the drug with out incident and he had already been feeling unwell earlier than taking it, however in line with previous witness accounts, he did drink a glass of water earlier than any signs occurred.

The paper additionally scrutinized a newer concept that claimed Lee died from heatstroke earlier than touchdown its last blow within the conclusion, which reads, “Sarcastically, Lee made well-known the quote ‘Be water my buddy’, however extra water seems to have in the end killed him.”

In 2020, Lee’s “Be water my buddy” quote impressed the RZA music “Be Like Water,” which soundtracked a documentary on the Enter the Dragon icon.

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