February 3, 2023

The Maintain Regular are again to announce the brand new album, The Worth of Progress. It’s due out March thirty first (by way of Stereogum), and the indie rock veterans have supplied a previewed with the lead single, “Sideways Cranium.”

This can be The Maintain Regular’s ninth studio album, and follows Open Door Coverage in 2021 and frontman Craig Finn’s 2022 solo LP A Legacy of Leases. “Sideways Cranium” follows a rock and roll manic pixie dream lady, with “Light denim with the buttons and badges/ Laminates and backstage passes/ Jacket held collectively by the rock band patches/ They let her smoke however she will be able to’t have matches.”

However there’s extra to the tune than a personality sketch, and “Sideways Cranium” quickly turns into a celebration of DIY, regardless of “the pesky drawback of the the tepid turnout” and the undeniable fact that “nobody listens.” By the ultimate verse, the narrator reveals that he himself is in a band referred to as The Worth of Progress, and “We’ve received a repute as New Hampshire’s hardest.” Because the tune ends, nonetheless “nobody listens/ However it’s positive good to satisfy some fellow musicians.” Test it out under, and scroll onwards for the tracklist to The Worth of Progress.

The Worth of Progress Tracklist:
01. Grand Junction
02. Sideways Cranium
03. Carlos Is Crying
04. Understudies
05. Sixers
06. The Birdwatchers
07. Metropolis at Eleven
08. Perdido
09. Distortions of Religion
10. Flyover Halftime

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